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Bind Rune Thurisaz For Defensive Protection


RUNES are Creative Universal Energies. By combining runes you can create powerful charms that will protect you and your family in these difficult times. Each RUNE is a key to the infinite Runic energy contained in the Quantum Ocean. Each Rune Symbol has several runic energies attached to it. All are similar but there is always one rune energy that predominates.

Each of these Runic energies has a keyword that describes it.

For example:

The Rune UR (URAZ) has several keywords.

Each of these Keywords will flavor the runic energy coming out of the Quantum Ocean.






Where did all these keywords come from?

The different keywords have been abstracted by various writers, godi's, historians, etc down through the ages. Some of these keywords are of such a high level of abstraction that their meanings are obscure.

To get the most Runic Energy out of a Runic Symbol , pick the keyword that your mind feels comfortable with.

You must have a mental understanding of what the keyword means.

Which keyword best describes the Runic Energy in its simplest terms?

The runic energy you wish to use and need. Leave all the higher level abstractions and keyword meanings to the philosophers, academics and yahoos. We want to attract and use the Primary Runic Energy attached to each Rune Symbol.

Therefore when thinking Rune Fa think of money energy. When using Rune Ur think of health energy. Rune Thorn (Thurisaz) think of protective energy. etc.


To attract the most runic power and runic energy SIMPLIFY! I will now share with you several Bindrunes that I have created using Thorn (Thurisaz) runes.

The major purpose behind using these particular bindrunes is their protective power. Their protective energy is mostly defensive protection. They keep away harm, evil and most negative energies that cause negative events to come into your life.


This Bindrune when worn on your body or carried on your person will form a double ring of Thorns around your body for protection. These are the same Thorn runes that surrounded the sleeping valkyrie Brunhilde. They were placed there by Odin for her protection. The Double Thurisaz bindrune will protect you front and back.

When you are wearing it picture yourself protected by these two rings of Thorns.

In all Rune Magic Work your mind and powers of visualization will increase the efficacy and power of the magic. Your mind is a very powerful tool. Use it wisely.

You can look at my examples of bind runes (http://www,

Use them as patterns if you like. Copy them exactly if you like. But you must draw them yourself.

The energy must pour from you through your hand to the paper then to the Quantum Ocean and then back again into the runic symbol on the paper. Remember that each bind rune is and was made for a specific purpose at a specific time for a specific person.

This is why copying bind runes out of a book will do you no good. They were probably made for a viking that died 1000 years ago. Their energy is gone, or tainted by the original wearer.

We are using simple unadorned rune symbols. Each of these rune symbols has a direct one-to-one correspondence to the runic energy in the Quantum Ocean. It is new energy.

So when you hand draw your own Bindrunes, you are creating them anew and charging them with new unused runic energy.

Arizona Pow Wow

Let me share this story with you. When I lived in Arizona I loved to go to Indian Pow Wows. I enjoyed their culture, dancing and fry bread. At this particular Pow Wow I was looking for a bears claw. I knew that t it contained great magical power. I walked around till I spotted an ole Apache selling silver jewelry. I went and talked to him. He was very friendly because of my long hair, but more importantly he was impressed with my runic necklace that I wear 24/7 around my neck from a leather thong.

We talked about Indians and Vikings.

Finally I spotted a beautiful bears claw all done up in silver. I asked him how much? $150.00.

He asked me why I wanted it and I told him that I heard that it carried big medicine. He shook his head and said that even though he was going to lose the $150.00 sale he would tell me a secret. He said that only the man who killed the bear can have the power of the bears claw. Once it is passed to another the power is gone.

I was sad, but I saved $150.00 and learned a good lesson.

I bought something else and said goodbye. He smiled and told me to go "...kill your own bear!..."


Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bind Rune Thurisaz Hex Sign For Protection

Mothers protect your home and children from negative vibrations

Women protect your home and loved ones from negative thoughts, ill wishes, negative energies and psychic attacks.

I created this Thurisaz Hex sign for just this purpose. I drew 6 Thurisaz runes on a piece of cardboard. One Thurisaz rune facing in each of the 6 directions and all connected. North, south, east, west, up and below.

When you hang it in your home, it will protect your home from negativity from the 6 positions.

Make your own or print out the one at the bottom of this page. Make identical copies (copy machine). Then place one Thurisaz Hex sign on the farthest (outward) northern wall; one Thurisaz Hex sign on the farthest southern wall; eastern wall; and western wall. Not on interior walls.

Place one on highest ceiling (attic?) one on the lowest floor (basement?). You want the walls in your home protected as far out as you can go.

Place them so that the Thurisaz Hex sign is facing outward, away from the house. You can tape or tack them behind pictures or drapes that are already hanging, if you do not want others to see them.


The Thurisaz Hexsign is a Rune of Protection . The rune Thurisaz is shaped like a thorn. Nature uses thorns for protection. Odin placed thorns around the Valkyrie Brunhild to protect her while she slept (sleeping beauty story).

You will be literally placing Rings of Protective Thorns, facing in the six directions, around your home.

They will not only keep out all unwanted negative vibrations and energies, but also unwanted negative people. The longer the Thurisaz Hexsign stays on the walls the stronger the protection gets.


Our ancestors painted hexsigns on their barns and over the doors of their homes.

I live in Pennsylvania Dutch country and I can still see barns with hexsigns on them. It is interesting that even the old abandoned barns, that still have hexsigns on them are standing tall and straight. The old barns that have no hexsigns on them (you can see where they have been removed) are falling apart.

Hexsigns are symbols and all symbols are keys to the creative energies of the universe within the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God).

Very sensitive people can place their hands or stand in front of a Hexsign and feel the energies flowing out of them.

The best way to study the runes is to concentrate upon their energies, not on the words written about them in a book.


Runes were never meant to be written nor for divination. They are Universal Creative Energies. They are keys you can use to open the doors to the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). You can attract health, wealth, love and protection into your life now.

Where ever you place a rune, the runic energies from the Quantum Ocean will flow outward.

Ther Universe, the Cosmic All, The Mind of God, the Quantum Ocean, the Well of Mimir are all synonymous with the Primal Energy Field that surrounds and makes up our physical reality.

We are all energy beings. All is energy. We can learn how to attract certain runic energies to better ourselves, now.

The Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) is where everything that ever was, is and will ever be exists. Whether we see, feel, hear, smell or even know what they are. There is no time in the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). Only the NOW.

The gods/goddesses of our ancestors still exist in the Quantum Ocean. All the runes exist there also. Each rune symbol on the physical plane, is a symbolic key, door, resonant frequency to an exact field of energy within the Quantum Ocean.

Rune Thurisaz connects to a runic energy field in the Quantum Ocean and radiates protection outward. The Thurisaz Hexsign attracts this energy and protects your home.

When Odin, the All-Father hung for 9 icy days and 9 icy nights on the Tree of Ygdrassil, he finally saw into the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). He then took out the runes, which have always existed and will always exist. He rediscovered them.


Thoughts are things. They are energies. You and your children are being constantly bombarded with negative thoughts (psychic attacks, envy, jealousy) from others, the TV and the media.

Outside power lines, cell towers, TV transmissions all emit dangerous negative vibrations (energies). The air is full of these harmful energies.

We are energy beings and these negative energies interfere with our aura (energy field). This causes illness and mental problems.

Your Thurisaz Hexsign will block many of these energies from entering your home.

Learn more about the Science of Orgone Generator Technology (Wilhelm Reich) and block these energies in your home coming out of the TV, phone, computers and ovens.

Our human nervous system was designed to handle only so many impressions (sight, smell, sound and touch) per day.

The amount of vibrations that the average child is submitted to via TV, phones, school, cell towers, media, videos etc etc etc is over whelming. It is dangerous to their health and well being.

Have you ever tried to force water from a hose into a balloon? What happens when you put in too much? The balloon bursts. That is what is happing to you, I, and the children. Their protective auras are about to burst. How many teenage suicides have taken place? Why? They are over loaded with negative thoughts and vibrations being sent through the air.

Even a steam driven ship and train has a safety valve to drain off too much steam so explosions will not happen. Where is this safety valve for the children?


Mother's protect yourselves and your home and your children. Slow down the harmful vibrations. Block them out with the Thurisaz Hexsign. Hang them today!

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007



Attract more creativity into your life.

Runes are universal creative energies that exist in the Quantum Ocean.

Quantum physics tells us that all the runes, bind runes, and gods/goddesses of the North exist in the quantum ocean. This infinite ocean of energy is a timeless, space less ocean of thinking energy. It is the Mind of God.

The key to attracting these bind rune energies out of the quantum ocean and into your life is rune symbols and bind rune symbols. The bind runes you create on the physical plane, through the laws of resonant frequency will connect to the bind rune energy in the quantum ocean.

Time to bring our runes, bind runes and bind rune rituals out of the dark ages.

The easiest and most powerful way to attract these bind rune energies into your aura is to breathe them in.

What ever runic energies you carry in your aura will attract like from the physical world around you. Law of attraction.

When you breathe in bind rune creative energies into your aura you will become more creative. You will attract people, places, events and ideas that will help you to be more creative.


The following runes make up the bind rune creativity symbol:

RUNE KA ----- For art, the artist and creativity.

RUNE AR ----- All that is beautiful and rewarding work.

RUNE SIG ----- Success in all your creative endeavors.

To make your own bind runes, you can connect the three above runes anyway you chose. Make sure that all the runes touch one another. See my example below.

Bind rune creativity breathing in exercise

Sit comfortably in your favorite chair and relax. Hold the bind rune creativity symbol in your hands and look and concentrate on it

Your mind through the law of Mental Radionics will connect with the bind rune creativity energy in the quantum ocean. The bind rune creativity energy will begin to flow.

Direct it by intoning:

"I am now breathing in the bind rune energy of creativity out of the quantum ocean and into my aura."

Three times!

The bind rune creativity energy will now be in your aura. Give thanks and go about your business assured that the law of attraction will make your more creative.

Bind Rune Creativity For Children

Make a few copies of your bind rune creativity symbol. Place them where your children will see them. One on the wall of the bedroom, inside their school book covers, etc.

When your child looks at them the bind rune creative energy will start to flow out of the quantum ocean and into their auras. The law of attraction will bring them more creative energies.

Bind runes are easy to make. Bind runes are powerful and easy to use. Bind runes can start to change your life through the laws of quantum physics and the law of attraction.

Let us bring our bind runes our of the dark ages and the woods and into the 21st century world we live in.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

For more of his writings please visit his websites:

Or just go to goggle and type in his pen name Ragnar Storyteller for his listings.

You can also visit his informative blogs on runes, quantum physics, magic, spirituality, alternate healing methods.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Bindrunes To Protect children At School

Mothers use this Bindrune to protect your children from unwanted negative energis and influences while they are at school.

The existing public school system are playgrounds for negative energies. We are trying to get to outer space but we still have not learned the dangers of our own negative emotions.

Your children need protection from these unwanted negative energies. Nordic hand made bindrunes will do it.

Where do these negative energies come from? They come from the auras and thoughts and feelings of people and children in the schools.

Ever hear of an egregor? An Incubus? A Succubus?

No? Our ancestors did and they protected their children from them. We have lost our spirituality and all the wisdom that came with it. Time to learn all over again.

The newspapers are full of scandals of sexual offenders in our schools. Even though many of them may have their actions under control they are still emitting their negative sexual energies.

Remember what Emerson said: "... what you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you are saying..."

You cannot hear negative energies but they creep into the auras of all who are in their presence.

Many of our children are just reaching puberty and are open to the attacks of negative sexual energies.

Where else do the negative energies come from. The other children. They carry them in their auras from the TV programs and the MTV programs and the media and the drug culture, and their parents.

We are energy beings and we are always transmitting and receiving energies. What kind of energies are in the schools?

The Quantum Ocean is finally opening the secret doors as to how the universe works, and how man works.

Everything is energy. You are energy, I am energy, your children are energy. Our physical bodies are just a solidification of these energies that we use (our souls use which is the real us) to experience the physical world.

The Law of Attraction tells us that whatever energies we carry around in our auras will attract LIKE to us.

Your child is constantly being bombarded by negative energies while at school where do you think all of these energies have collected?


One of two things will eventually happen. The energies in their auras will travel inward and your child will feel them and they will think that these negative thoughts are their own --- pretty soon experimentation, and or depression.

Or, the negative energies held in their auras will be constantly sending a signal outward. Someone or something will be attracted to your child's negative signal, whether they want this to happen or not.

You must think of protecting your child before CRITICAL MASS occurs and one of the two above become a reality in your child's life.

Do you know the real reason behind possession, obsession and suicide? Unwanted negative energies.

We need a new way to think. A new way to treat our children. New ways to protect them, to educate them. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that all is energy. We must understand energy and how it affects us and our children. We must learn how to keep negative energy out of the auras of our children.

Quantum Physics tells us that REAL SYMBOLS are keys that unlock the energy in the Quantum ocean. The Quantum Ocean is where all energies exist, past, present and future. There is no time nor space in the Quantum Ocean. It is the ALL, the Mind of God, spoken of so often in the ancient wisdom texts. RUNES ARE REAL SYMBOLS.

Rune symbols are keys to the creative energies of the universe. There are Rune Keys that will attract protective energies out of the Quantum Ocean and into their aura.

If your child carried a powerful Runic Bindrune for Protection with them while they are at school, it will protect them.

They will have a shield, a wall that protects them from the intruding negative energies.

How do you make a Protective Bindrune?



I will make it short. When I was in Arizona I went to an Indian pow wow. I wanted to buy a bear claw necklace for protection. I found an ole Apache Indian who was selling one. He asked me why I wanted it. I told him I was a Viking and I wanted to add to my protection. He shook his head no. Only the man who kills the bear gets the strength and protection of the claw. Anyone else it is just a pretty ornament.

You cannot buy a bindrune from the net. It has the power of the man who made it, and who knows his intentions or motives?

It is only an ornament. You must make your own for your own children and charge it yourself. This is real bindrune magic, anything else is just words.

REAL MAGIC must contain your mental, physical and spiritual energies. Mind-Heart-Body.

Start by drawing your own bindrune on paper with pen and ink or pencil or even with magic markers. As you are making it think of the protection it iwll be giving your children. Once you have made a bindrune you can go to Staples and copy as many as you like.

Tape one on the inside cover or each of your child's books. One inside their knapsack and one in their pockets.

If you want to get fancy you can make your bindrune out of wood or metal and put it on a chain.

You can laminate them if you like. Check from time to time to see if they are still where you put them. If they are getting torn or worn out replace them. We are talking about protecting your children form negative sexual influences.

These bindrunes will act in the same way that Scotty's shields work on the Enterprise. They will keep negative energies from entering the aura of your children.

The longer your children wear them the stronger will the protective force field get.

Which bindrunes should you use?

I have drawn a typical Children's Protective Bindrune below. Copy it if you like or create one using the same runes.

RUNE HAGAL ---- Is the Universal Mother protective rune which will symbolize you.

RUNE YR ----- Is the symbol for Pure Womanhood which will symbolize your daughter.

RUNE MAN ----- Is the symbol for Pure Manhood which will symbolize your son.

RUNE THORN ----- Is the Protection Rune of Thorns that stop negative vibrations from entering the aura of your child.

You can see how I placed the four Thorn Runes facing out in all the four directions. Did you kknow that Odin put the Thorn Runes around the sleeping Brynhild? This is where the story of Sleping Beauty originated in the Norse Myths.

Rune YR and Rune Man are similar runes one facing upward, one facing downward. Make sure you face the rune correctly for each of your children.

How do you charge your bindrune?

Sit comfortably in your favorite chair.

Hold the bindrune in your hands.

Visualize that you are surrounded by the infinite Quantum Ocean were all energy exists.

Take a deep breath and intone:

"I am now inhaling the runic energies of Hagal, Thorn, Yr (Man) out of the Quantum Ocean and into my bindrune now."

Three times.

You can visualize the energies flowing into the bindrune if you like. The powers of visualzation are infinite.

It is done!
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