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Bind Rune Thurisaz For Defensive Protection


RUNES are Creative Universal Energies. By combining runes you can create powerful charms that will protect you and your family in these difficult times. Each RUNE is a key to the infinite Runic energy contained in the Quantum Ocean. Each Rune Symbol has several runic energies attached to it. All are similar but there is always one rune energy that predominates.

Each of these Runic energies has a keyword that describes it.

For example:

The Rune UR (URAZ) has several keywords.

Each of these Keywords will flavor the runic energy coming out of the Quantum Ocean.






Where did all these keywords come from?

The different keywords have been abstracted by various writers, godi's, historians, etc down through the ages. Some of these keywords are of such a high level of abstraction that their meanings are obscure.

To get the most Runic Energy out of a Runic Symbol , pick the keyword that your mind feels comfortable with.

You must have a mental understanding of what the keyword means.

Which keyword best describes the Runic Energy in its simplest terms?

The runic energy you wish to use and need. Leave all the higher level abstractions and keyword meanings to the philosophers, academics and yahoos. We want to attract and use the Primary Runic Energy attached to each Rune Symbol.

Therefore when thinking Rune Fa think of money energy. When using Rune Ur think of health energy. Rune Thorn (Thurisaz) think of protective energy. etc.


To attract the most runic power and runic energy SIMPLIFY! I will now share with you several Bindrunes that I have created using Thorn (Thurisaz) runes.

The major purpose behind using these particular bindrunes is their protective power. Their protective energy is mostly defensive protection. They keep away harm, evil and most negative energies that cause negative events to come into your life.


This Bindrune when worn on your body or carried on your person will form a double ring of Thorns around your body for protection. These are the same Thorn runes that surrounded the sleeping valkyrie Brunhilde. They were placed there by Odin for her protection. The Double Thurisaz bindrune will protect you front and back.

When you are wearing it picture yourself protected by these two rings of Thorns.

In all Rune Magic Work your mind and powers of visualization will increase the efficacy and power of the magic. Your mind is a very powerful tool. Use it wisely.

You can look at my examples of bind runes (http://www,

Use them as patterns if you like. Copy them exactly if you like. But you must draw them yourself.

The energy must pour from you through your hand to the paper then to the Quantum Ocean and then back again into the runic symbol on the paper. Remember that each bind rune is and was made for a specific purpose at a specific time for a specific person.

This is why copying bind runes out of a book will do you no good. They were probably made for a viking that died 1000 years ago. Their energy is gone, or tainted by the original wearer.

We are using simple unadorned rune symbols. Each of these rune symbols has a direct one-to-one correspondence to the runic energy in the Quantum Ocean. It is new energy.

So when you hand draw your own Bindrunes, you are creating them anew and charging them with new unused runic energy.

Arizona Pow Wow

Let me share this story with you. When I lived in Arizona I loved to go to Indian Pow Wows. I enjoyed their culture, dancing and fry bread. At this particular Pow Wow I was looking for a bears claw. I knew that t it contained great magical power. I walked around till I spotted an ole Apache selling silver jewelry. I went and talked to him. He was very friendly because of my long hair, but more importantly he was impressed with my runic necklace that I wear 24/7 around my neck from a leather thong.

We talked about Indians and Vikings.

Finally I spotted a beautiful bears claw all done up in silver. I asked him how much? $150.00.

He asked me why I wanted it and I told him that I heard that it carried big medicine. He shook his head and said that even though he was going to lose the $150.00 sale he would tell me a secret. He said that only the man who killed the bear can have the power of the bears claw. Once it is passed to another the power is gone.

I was sad, but I saved $150.00 and learned a good lesson.

I bought something else and said goodbye. He smiled and told me to go "...kill your own bear!..."


Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
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