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Attract more creativity into your life.

Runes are universal creative energies that exist in the Quantum Ocean.

Quantum physics tells us that all the runes, bind runes, and gods/goddesses of the North exist in the quantum ocean. This infinite ocean of energy is a timeless, space less ocean of thinking energy. It is the Mind of God.

The key to attracting these bind rune energies out of the quantum ocean and into your life is rune symbols and bind rune symbols. The bind runes you create on the physical plane, through the laws of resonant frequency will connect to the bind rune energy in the quantum ocean.

Time to bring our runes, bind runes and bind rune rituals out of the dark ages.

The easiest and most powerful way to attract these bind rune energies into your aura is to breathe them in.

What ever runic energies you carry in your aura will attract like from the physical world around you. Law of attraction.

When you breathe in bind rune creative energies into your aura you will become more creative. You will attract people, places, events and ideas that will help you to be more creative.


The following runes make up the bind rune creativity symbol:

RUNE KA ----- For art, the artist and creativity.

RUNE AR ----- All that is beautiful and rewarding work.

RUNE SIG ----- Success in all your creative endeavors.

To make your own bind runes, you can connect the three above runes anyway you chose. Make sure that all the runes touch one another. See my example below.

Bind rune creativity breathing in exercise

Sit comfortably in your favorite chair and relax. Hold the bind rune creativity symbol in your hands and look and concentrate on it

Your mind through the law of Mental Radionics will connect with the bind rune creativity energy in the quantum ocean. The bind rune creativity energy will begin to flow.

Direct it by intoning:

"I am now breathing in the bind rune energy of creativity out of the quantum ocean and into my aura."

Three times!

The bind rune creativity energy will now be in your aura. Give thanks and go about your business assured that the law of attraction will make your more creative.

Bind Rune Creativity For Children

Make a few copies of your bind rune creativity symbol. Place them where your children will see them. One on the wall of the bedroom, inside their school book covers, etc.

When your child looks at them the bind rune creative energy will start to flow out of the quantum ocean and into their auras. The law of attraction will bring them more creative energies.

Bind runes are easy to make. Bind runes are powerful and easy to use. Bind runes can start to change your life through the laws of quantum physics and the law of attraction.

Let us bring our bind runes our of the dark ages and the woods and into the 21st century world we live in.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

For more of his writings please visit his websites:

Or just go to goggle and type in his pen name Ragnar Storyteller for his listings.

You can also visit his informative blogs on runes, quantum physics, magic, spirituality, alternate healing methods.

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