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Bindrunes To Protect children At School

Mothers use this Bindrune to protect your children from unwanted negative energis and influences while they are at school.

The existing public school system are playgrounds for negative energies. We are trying to get to outer space but we still have not learned the dangers of our own negative emotions.

Your children need protection from these unwanted negative energies. Nordic hand made bindrunes will do it.

Where do these negative energies come from? They come from the auras and thoughts and feelings of people and children in the schools.

Ever hear of an egregor? An Incubus? A Succubus?

No? Our ancestors did and they protected their children from them. We have lost our spirituality and all the wisdom that came with it. Time to learn all over again.

The newspapers are full of scandals of sexual offenders in our schools. Even though many of them may have their actions under control they are still emitting their negative sexual energies.

Remember what Emerson said: "... what you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you are saying..."

You cannot hear negative energies but they creep into the auras of all who are in their presence.

Many of our children are just reaching puberty and are open to the attacks of negative sexual energies.

Where else do the negative energies come from. The other children. They carry them in their auras from the TV programs and the MTV programs and the media and the drug culture, and their parents.

We are energy beings and we are always transmitting and receiving energies. What kind of energies are in the schools?

The Quantum Ocean is finally opening the secret doors as to how the universe works, and how man works.

Everything is energy. You are energy, I am energy, your children are energy. Our physical bodies are just a solidification of these energies that we use (our souls use which is the real us) to experience the physical world.

The Law of Attraction tells us that whatever energies we carry around in our auras will attract LIKE to us.

Your child is constantly being bombarded by negative energies while at school where do you think all of these energies have collected?


One of two things will eventually happen. The energies in their auras will travel inward and your child will feel them and they will think that these negative thoughts are their own --- pretty soon experimentation, and or depression.

Or, the negative energies held in their auras will be constantly sending a signal outward. Someone or something will be attracted to your child's negative signal, whether they want this to happen or not.

You must think of protecting your child before CRITICAL MASS occurs and one of the two above become a reality in your child's life.

Do you know the real reason behind possession, obsession and suicide? Unwanted negative energies.

We need a new way to think. A new way to treat our children. New ways to protect them, to educate them. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that all is energy. We must understand energy and how it affects us and our children. We must learn how to keep negative energy out of the auras of our children.

Quantum Physics tells us that REAL SYMBOLS are keys that unlock the energy in the Quantum ocean. The Quantum Ocean is where all energies exist, past, present and future. There is no time nor space in the Quantum Ocean. It is the ALL, the Mind of God, spoken of so often in the ancient wisdom texts. RUNES ARE REAL SYMBOLS.

Rune symbols are keys to the creative energies of the universe. There are Rune Keys that will attract protective energies out of the Quantum Ocean and into their aura.

If your child carried a powerful Runic Bindrune for Protection with them while they are at school, it will protect them.

They will have a shield, a wall that protects them from the intruding negative energies.

How do you make a Protective Bindrune?



I will make it short. When I was in Arizona I went to an Indian pow wow. I wanted to buy a bear claw necklace for protection. I found an ole Apache Indian who was selling one. He asked me why I wanted it. I told him I was a Viking and I wanted to add to my protection. He shook his head no. Only the man who kills the bear gets the strength and protection of the claw. Anyone else it is just a pretty ornament.

You cannot buy a bindrune from the net. It has the power of the man who made it, and who knows his intentions or motives?

It is only an ornament. You must make your own for your own children and charge it yourself. This is real bindrune magic, anything else is just words.

REAL MAGIC must contain your mental, physical and spiritual energies. Mind-Heart-Body.

Start by drawing your own bindrune on paper with pen and ink or pencil or even with magic markers. As you are making it think of the protection it iwll be giving your children. Once you have made a bindrune you can go to Staples and copy as many as you like.

Tape one on the inside cover or each of your child's books. One inside their knapsack and one in their pockets.

If you want to get fancy you can make your bindrune out of wood or metal and put it on a chain.

You can laminate them if you like. Check from time to time to see if they are still where you put them. If they are getting torn or worn out replace them. We are talking about protecting your children form negative sexual influences.

These bindrunes will act in the same way that Scotty's shields work on the Enterprise. They will keep negative energies from entering the aura of your children.

The longer your children wear them the stronger will the protective force field get.

Which bindrunes should you use?

I have drawn a typical Children's Protective Bindrune below. Copy it if you like or create one using the same runes.

RUNE HAGAL ---- Is the Universal Mother protective rune which will symbolize you.

RUNE YR ----- Is the symbol for Pure Womanhood which will symbolize your daughter.

RUNE MAN ----- Is the symbol for Pure Manhood which will symbolize your son.

RUNE THORN ----- Is the Protection Rune of Thorns that stop negative vibrations from entering the aura of your child.

You can see how I placed the four Thorn Runes facing out in all the four directions. Did you kknow that Odin put the Thorn Runes around the sleeping Brynhild? This is where the story of Sleping Beauty originated in the Norse Myths.

Rune YR and Rune Man are similar runes one facing upward, one facing downward. Make sure you face the rune correctly for each of your children.

How do you charge your bindrune?

Sit comfortably in your favorite chair.

Hold the bindrune in your hands.

Visualize that you are surrounded by the infinite Quantum Ocean were all energy exists.

Take a deep breath and intone:

"I am now inhaling the runic energies of Hagal, Thorn, Yr (Man) out of the Quantum Ocean and into my bindrune now."

Three times.

You can visualize the energies flowing into the bindrune if you like. The powers of visualzation are infinite.

It is done!
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